Loving Yourself and Others
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Loving Yourself and Others

Loving Yourself and Others
How do you love yourself "the right way"? You love yourself the right way when you love, honor, foster and show up for yourself, regardless what, despite the substantial forces or other people in your life who don't love, support, or treat you the way that they should, or the way you want or need them to.

Being there for yourself, irrespective of what, builds your self-assurance and self-respect and when your self-assurance and self-respect are high, you "feel successful" and able to accomplish anything. When you ooze that type of favorable energy and self-assurance, you attract the individuals and affairs into your life that you want and need. It all begins with how you feel about yourself, and how you transmit that to the world. That's how you make your ambitions a truth, from the inside out.

You love other people, the right way, when you afford them your time, care and thoughtfulness, without doing yourself undue harm, inconvenience or sacrifice. Sounds easy and uncomplicated, right? Then how come it's so hard to accomplish?

There are a lot of personal and social reasons why it's hard for a lot of individuals, particularly women, to love the right way. I think the first reason why it's difficult for many of us to love the right way is because, at some level in our lives, in response to the damaging and non-supportive experiences we've had, we blanked out how completely "Divine", amazing and worthy we really are. At some spot, we started believing the damaging things that individuals said about us. Or we spent so much time attempting to prove our goodness and worthiness to other people, that we blanked out how to think for ourselves, determine our own goals and reward ourselves for our progress, rather than basing our self-worth and self-respect on the belief or attention of other people.

When you give up on yourself it means you've blanked out how truly amazing you are. But guess what, the sound news is, as soon as you acknowledge this and start behaving accordingly, everything else in your surroundings will react accordingly! When you know and trust this, you love yourself the right way and you put yourself in a place to win and overcome all of your obstacles and challenges.

Successful individuals believe in themselves first, and then they engage the resources and support they need to make their ambitions a reality. Unsuccessful individuals don't believe in themselves or their power to produce what they want, so they wait for other people to give them what they want or require, or blame and resent other people for not giving them what they want or require.

The option is yours, you are able to put yourself in a place to be successful and win, or you are able to put yourself in a place to bomb depending on "how you see yourself". So commit to seeing yourself as the best thing since sliced bread or whatever innovation you think is really amazing and marvelous and you'll be placing yourself in the correct position to succeed.


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