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Besides our good quality and large selection in longevity products,The Longevity Store also offers services to individuals or groups that are based around learning and implementing the 10 principles of longevity.

“The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity has gained wide acceptance as the holistic philosophy for long term health, greater happiness, and extended longevity.” -Martin Ettington

Issues we help people address:

* Opening their minds about the possibilities of a having a very long life
* Changing their subconscious fears about death into positive affirmations about life
* Fears of aging
* Fears of dying early without accomplishing their objectives here on earth
* Ways they can deepen their spiritual connections
* How they can experience and live unconditional love

Questions we help people answer:

* Help them define their life purpose
* Help them see a positive instead of a negative future
* What new scientific and medical therapies can help their long term health

Ways we help people live their lives better:

* Living happier more fullfilled lives
* Stress relief
* Learning the power of unconditional love in their hearts
* Teach them ways to activate their vital forces for better health and vitality
* Supplements they can take to improve their long term health
* Help people build a plan to implement the 10 principles of personal longevity in their lives
* The importance of traditional approaches to diet, food, and exercise

What happens in a consulting session:

We work with clients in several steps:

* The first step is to get  to open your mind to the possibilty of a much longer and healthier life than you ever thought possible.
* Next we give you a questionaire profile to fill out which identifies what areas of the 10 principles need to be addressed the most
* In successive consulting sessions--usually about five, we work with you to help you better understand the 10 principles of personal longevity in depth, then build an implementation plan as to how they can implement these practices in your life.

On Becoming a Consultant:

We are always looking for candidates to train people in the 10 principles of longevity.

This is not only to help them improve their own long term health, but for them to be able to teach these principles to their clients too.

Many retired Baby Boomers may want to consider new careers as a longevity consultant and we can provide you with the knowledge and credentials to do that.

What kind of training does it take to become a consultant?

The full personal longevity training program is 10 onlines courses containing about 60 hours of materials.

These materials include videos, ebooks, audios, exercises, and exams.

After completing all of the course exams the student will be awarded a certificate of knowledge of the 10 Principles of Personal longevity. This certificate means they have an in depth understanding of these principles and how to apply them to their lives.

Founder and owner of The Longevity Store and The Personal Longevity Program, Martin K. Ettington (picture below)


Martin K. Ettington-the Longevity Expert, Owner and Founder of several websites on longevity, the spiritual,  and paranormal.

Martin’s interest in the Paranormal and Occult goes back to his childhood. He has had many paranormal experiences and has been a student of Eastern Philosophies and Meditation for 40 years. Seeking Enlightenment; he knows that we are already all Enlightened. We just have to realize this deeply.

His books are expressions of his creativity to help others understand what he has internalized through study, experience, and membership in different societies. You can see all of his books on the homepage of

Martin is also an Engineer by training and has had multiple careers. He has a B.S. degree in Engineering Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1977. He has also done extensive graduate work in management and computer science. His career includes many years working for GE and HP. Martin also owns his own software and consulting business.

Not many technical persons or scientists spend a lot of time in parallel studying the Metaphysical and have had many spiritual or psychic experiences too. Therefore, Martin believes that he can provide a unique vantage point to integrate Western Scientific thinking with Eastern exploration of the mind and spirit.

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